Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Photography lighting training

For my photo shoot for my magazine front cover i will be using the white screen. This is because i would like them to be fashion shots and i will just be focusing on the main artist. For this reason i had my lighting training and experimented with taking pictures infront of the white screen so i would find this easy to do when i came to doing them myself and also to familiarise myself with using the cameras and lighting infront of the screen.

The photos that i took with the lighting to the left are quite basic photos as they were use for my pre-lim photos. Although when i do come to take my own photos on the white photography screen more colours and also props will be encorporated to make them more interesting and also to make them stand out more, i will also be using props in my photoshoots.

I found the photography lighting training quite simple. I learnt how to create different types of lighting and how to make a brighter and a dimmer photo by just adjusting the positions of the lights. I also learnt how to create shaddowed looks using the lighting. I found the photography session very good and thought it was a great help and interesting and will certainly benefit from it when i come to creating my own shots for my magazine front cover and article.

Lily Conchie

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