Monday, 15 November 2010

Initial ideas for the project.

I initially want my music magazine to be combined with fashion. Although i think this will make it appear to a smaller target audience i think that it will work really well for the female audience and it will gain more popularity from this. I want it to be a indie/pop style of music magazine and contain clothes/accesories and fashion ideas of this specific type aswell. I want the front cover theme to be sort of a 1950's look fashion wise and i want it to be very quirky and not like any other music magazine out there. The artist i am planning on creating with be one of a similar style to 'Paloma Faith' and 'Eliza Doolittle'. I have come up with a rough name for my artist, Beka. I am going to be shopping with my initial artist for clothing of this type.The sort of front cover i am hoping to create is one of the same ideas of the ones below.

The first two magazine covers are actually music magazines, although the last is fashion but also focuses on some elements of music. Although it does give a rough idea of the sort of front cover look i am wanting to have. My favourite stye of cover is the second as it is quirky and different with the style of 1950's pop, this is the way i am hoping for mine to look.

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