Monday, 15 November 2010

Indentified target audience.

My identified target audience is going to be girls. I think that this will work better as girls are more likely to go out to buy a magazine on a daily basis. Also as i have incorporated fashion into it i think that it is more likely to interest girls, although it could interest a small group of males. To fully indentify my target audience i am going to use GRASS. Grass stands for:

G-Gender, Female/Male
R-Race, Caucasian
SS-Soicial economic status- Lower class, Lower working class,Unemployed.

I have chosen female initially for the gender of my target audience because on a whole i just think it has more chance to sell aimed at them, they are the most interested in fashion and find it the most interesting, women also tend to be more interested in women artists than the males are.. Although i have put male aswell because there could be a small group of men interested for the fashion or because of the 'female gaze' alot of men will be interested due to what they are looking at on the front cover, which is usually a woman. I chose the race to be caucasian, this is mainly because i think that they will be more familiar with that type of music and that style, i do think it could apply to certain mixed race people although i think you enjoy something the more familiar with it that you are. The age for my target audience is 14/25, i think around this time women are most focused on fashion and bothered about it, 14 is young but i think it is the prime time in a girls life where they start to become interested in fashion make up and music and they start to aspire to be like 'Pop stars and Artists'. I chose my social economic status to be the lower class/lower working class/unemployed, this is mainly becuase it is usually the unemployed,students that are most interested in reading magazines while they are bored and also for something to do at home, i also put the lower and lower working class because it could interest them aswell, even though i have not put it it could interest some of the working class, but not initially as they will not have as much time on their hands.

I am going to produce an audience questionaire to see what type of people and who read music/fashion magazines.

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