Sunday, 16 January 2011

My Artist.

I have now fully decided on how i want my artist. My artist is female and will be called Beka. She will be follow the genre of Indie/Folk. I am now going to show some examples of similar artists and analyse them to show exactly what my ideas are.

Eliza Doolittle
I have decided to use this artist as one of the main inspirations for my artist. Eliza follows the genre of indie and pop folk. As my artist beka is going to be the same as this i want to use her style of clothing and her over all look when creating the photoshoots for my artist. Eliza dresses in bright colours and outfits that are not necesarily matching - this creates her own style and shows individuality, this then fits with the genre.
 Whilst researching her i have noticed also that some of her albums photoshoots and  posters are quite '1950s Pop Art', i again think this is original and would like to use that style within my magazine.

Another artist that i have considered taking ideas and ispiration from is;

Paloma Faith

Paloma faith is an indie/folk/pop artist. She is very original and like no other. I have chosen to research her for mainly the style fashion aspect of it. As i inten on my artist being very original and out there i have taken some ideas from palomas style of make up and clothing ideas to do so. I particually like how she always wear bright colours, pale coloured skin and bright lipsticks and eye make up. I have also noticed how she wears pattenerned bright coloured clothing and also usually has a distinct hair peice or hat that is very wacky and eye catching.

I have also taken some fashion ideas and tips from a well known celebrity fearn cotton. She has a distinct style and i think that it would be beneficial to use some of her style ideas for my artist.

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