Sunday, 16 January 2011

First Draft of Interview

This is my first draft for my double page spread - i have decided to do a interview. This will be amened and changed for my final draft.

First Shes taking the nation by suprise and it seems asthough everybody loves her. Today we are here in one of bekas favourite old traditional ''tea and buiscuits cafe'' for our exclusive interview with the new fresh and glam artist;beka. What's in store for us next we wonder?

She just sits casually sipping her tea from the striking bright red lips, wearing a vintage lepoard print long jump suit accompanied by some lace up platform heels. She gives a cheeky smile as she waits for the interview to begin.

hey there beka,so weve heard you've been being abit of a party animal lately?

(laughs) i'm just like any other ordinary late teen, we all like to go out and have a few drinks and abit of fun, nothing too crazy about that.

You've been very busy with your new album 'walk with me' hows it going?

It's been hectic, i've had so much going on it's mental, i'm having bags of fun with it though so it's all good. I've been all over the place doing it, it's been a good experience.

So when will we be seeing it in the shops?

It will be out on december the 3rd, i'm so excited, check it out.

Exciting! Have you any other plans for the year?

Yes, i will be touring around summer time starting july the 13th, i'm so nervous for that, yet so excited.

Ooh where are you touring?

All over england, i want to stay in the country for my first one.

How is simon cowell as a manager? are you enjoying working alongside him?

(smile) of coure, simon is amazing. He really is truely a great manager to have.

Have you always been into music?

Of course, i know most artist will say thing but from as long as i can remember i've loved music, its my life. I did singing and dancing lessons from the age of three, i was very shy as a child but you grow into it i think.

Do you have any idols?

Of course; who doesnt? I adore paloma faith and elisa dootlittle (she's a very good friend of mine) but i have always loved beyonce, she's so inspirational she's amazing.

You have a very quirky dress sense, is that inspired by anybody?

(giggles) i have always loved fashion it's a passion.. oh no that rymed (laughs) but yeah i do have a few people who inspired the way i dress, paloma is one! I guess when you hit the shops and see something you like though, you just buy it.

Come on, let us in.. do you have any fashion tips for us?

Vintage is so fashionable at the moment, dont be afraid to look differen just go for it!

Where are you're favouraite places to shop at?

hmm it would have to be topshop first, it's an all time favouraite of mine, and you can grab a bargain (smiles), but also boutiques and old vintage shops are ace.

So, is there any loves in your life right now?

My father and my mother, i wouldnt have done this without them. My poddle lily is also a cutie. But more to the point of what you asking, no i dont have a boyfriend.. never say never, mr right could be around the corner, (laughs)

Would you like a man in you're life?

Of course, who wouldnt. My relationships just never seem to work. (laughs)

You talk alot about you're mother and father, are you a close family?

Ever since i can remember, i love them to pieces.

Is there anything else you'd like to say?
Yeah that i love my parents and all my fans so much. Thank you to you all, you are all amazing and without you i wouldnt be were i am. Dont forget the album is out on december the 3rd and tickets for the tour will be on sale from march the first, next month. Enjoy.

Thanks for that beka, we will look forward to it

.No thank you, it was my pleasure. (smiles)


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