Sunday, 16 January 2011

Colour Charts

For my music artist and magazine i have to decide on the types of the colours im going to use to fit with the mood/theme or my artist. I want to use a certain range of colours to represent her. As she is a very quirky and funky character the colours will be quite abstract and eye catching. I dont want to narrow my ideas down to much, for this reason i have chosen quite a large selection of colour palets

For this i went on to a website called colourlovers and chose some colour pallettes that i particually liked.

The 4 colour pallets are very different, the top two are alot more bright and vibrant than the others. At the moment i am unsure of what kind of colours i want to use for my artist. Once i have done my photos it will enable me to choose easier what types of colours i want to use.

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